It’s so easy you did not even think it would work #style





Model: Kyle

Photographer: Alyssa Ott


Shirt: Goodwill

Levi’s: Value Village



Can we agree that putting on  a pair of pants and choosing the right shirt to go with it is not the hardest part of your day?

Maybe it’s waking up on time, making sure you have breakfast or at least a cup of whatever liquid your system needs , leaving early enough to board the right bus on time, or  get a parking spot, not get a ticket because you slept in and are now running late. It’s probably forgetting that you have a presentation that morning, not being able to find your keys, having to drop off some little human to daycare or making sure your furry friends went for their morning walk, topped up by the ever packing lunch or not dilemma. Good morning, morning!

Really, who cares if your pants don’t match your shirt because the chances that someone out there documents every single one of your outfits and has a secret fashion blog about your exquisite fashion sense are close to none my friend. Who cares right? Well…you obviously do because that time you spent in front of your closet this morning turning your room into complete chaos hating your life cause” I haz no clothes” completley fucked you over and will determine whether or not you will catch that bus on time. Maybe you should prepare your outfit of the day ( yes that’s what OOTD stands for )the day before, just sayin’.


La Thrift


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