The thrifter’s block


Model: Chantel

Photographer: Alyssa Ott


Satin dress: Goodwill

Fur jacket: Value Village

Shoes: Value Village


I haven’t been thrift shopping for  a couple of months now, I  feel really lazy and not as inspired to venture in the lands of chaos. So I have been shopping in real stores and it’s quite nice to have someone do the job of selecting and merchandising the clothes for you. I have come to appreciate  going in a boutique and finding a piece that is your actual size and that also falls into the current trend, and yes trend shopping is very risqué but is sure  neat to do from time to time. I guess what really motivates this short break from thrifting is the month of  February, the ultimate “Let us help you add to your already  cluttered wardrobe by slashing our prices before we get in all of our spring collections. So really were not doing that for you but because we need to get rid of all this Fall -Winter junk we were not able to sell, maybe it was overpriced, maybe  for a different market but hey if you like what’s left please take it all and help us make room.” I love February.

La Thrift


One comment

  1. dapperdolly · February 18, 2014

    Gorgeous picture, interesting commentary. 🙂

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