That coat I really want to swagger in.

DSC_0479 (1)

Model: Malaika

Sisley long coat: Goodwill


We are almost there, the end is near. Winter will soon leave and hibernation will be done. This gives me another two months to wear this beautiful Sisley coat or should I say to find a good occasion to wear it. I have a few of those ”waiting to make an appearance” pieces in my closet, they are just hanging there, hoping that today is the day I finally decide to show them off, present them to the world, my world. Truth is, I am not that important, and the occasions are getting more and more rare for me to display those super pieces and be validated by others for  my sharp sense of ahem I have been rocking the gray tank top , plain black blazer and black pants for the past month and quite frankly it fuckin works. It’s fast , quick, and efficient. Am I getting old and boring? Maybe, but this doesn’t change the fact that  I have two months until it’s too late to wear a long coat out.

La Thrift



  1. Victoria · February 10, 2014

    I feel your pain. I have many pieces in my closet just waiting to be shown off to the world – if only there were enough occasions to call for it!

    • thrifteuse · February 11, 2014

      Yes! Maybe 2014 should be about wearing these awesome pieces 😉

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