Who runs the world…thrifters. Who runs this motherf…


“You can start thrifting to stretch your budget- or you can start thrifting to be a better person. Here are five reasons why people who shop second hand are awesome humans.”

5 Reasons Why Thrifters are Good People:

By: Lindsay Rubé

1. Thrifters see the good in everything. Seeing the good is a way of life that people strive for and work at to become happy, even if it means hiring a life coach to train their brains to see the good. Thrifters naturally have those brains. With the ability to pick up a piece of actual cotton garbage and have the positivity and gratitude to think “this would look wonderful somewhere on my body”, thrifty people have a head start at the “see the good” perspective.

2. Thrifters are able to tackle large problems. I feel like this is the main reason why people shy away from thrift shopping. The thought of walking into a GoodWill and staring thousands of dusty possibilities in the face is overwhelming and can be time consuming, sending most shoppers running back to the open arms of organized department stores. But all that is missing is drive, the ability to solve a problem and optimizing on a large and complicated issue. Thrifters can strategize, compartmentalize and divide & conquer with the best of them. Hunting for a certain style or just treasure hunting in general takes patience, focus and time.  Which are all wonderfully transferable life skills.

3. They are dedicated creatives. Some people create art as a passion. Some write, design, photograph and make music as a living. While these beautiful things can be made lifestyles, for most of us who are lucky enough to do so, dressing ourselves is an every day necessity. Thrifters take this necessary commonality and make it their creative suite, their art, their passion. Dedication and ultimate creativity is hunting for that second hand something just to make the very common act of putting on your clothes the way you artistically express yourself- every day.

4. Patience and persistence. Successful thrifting requires immense patience. Multiple trips, time consuming searches, dust, crowds and questionable smells while sifting through racks keeping your eyes peeled for a glimpse of the fabric or colour you are searching for. Then of course the persistence to continue when you are super thirsty and have to pee, but refuse to use the public washroom hidden at the back of mothball heaven.

5. They are being green, sometimes without even knowing it. Shopping second hand is no doubt helpful for the environment, although that is usually not the first reason why people thrift shop. With trends being so disposable, fast fashions often turn into waste. When thrifters search high and low for vintage pieces or frequent second hand shops to save money while growing their unique styles, they are reusing and recycling more than just beer cans.



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