Blog feature of the week: Prairie Seen


Two blondes decided to start an art blog…

Although it sounds like the start of a lame joke, it isn’t! That collaboration gave birth to PrairieSeen.


PrairieSeen provides a unique look into the Edmonton arts community. Local artists, Chelsey and Tori, through the use of articles, reviews, and interviews, have created an open and engaging conversation about the Edmonton arts scene. Event listings, job postings, and gallery profiles are just part of the PrairieSeen offering to help get you started, connected, and engaged in Edmonton’s rich and diverse arts community. We caught up with the art-loving duo to pick their brains and see if they could paint a better picture of PrairieSeen for you guys!(Get it?!)


La Thrift:  How did you come up with Prairie seen for the name of your blog?

Prairie Seen: We spent a long time going back and forth with each other before finally settling on PrairieSeen – we wanted something short and easy to remember that still sounded good. We think PrairieSeen reflects where we are and what the blog is trying to do – pay attention to local visual art, design, and craft while encouraging others to do the same. We also like how “PrairieSeen” reminds us of the “I seen” verbal tic, which makes us cringe, but we decided to embrace it. We think of art as for everyone, and by anyone.

La Thrift: What are you ladies most excited about in terms of what you have in store for your blog?

Prairie Seen: We’re excited to try our hand at putting more art shows together, as well as creating more forums for public discussion, and exploring new methods of delivery, like video, and print.

La Thrift: As bloggers how do you deal with writers block, any tips?

Prairie Seen: Blogging is great because it is a very informal genre of writing, which means you can basically type as you think, and just go back over it before you post to clarify ideas and check for spelling and grammar mistakes. If nothing is really coming out, just leaving it and revisiting it later with fresh eyes (or doing it together) really helps! We also try to read a lot, which helps with inspiration, but nothing is as inspiring as keeping up with what is happening in the community, whether through volunteering, attending events, or just making a point of going out and seeing shows as often as possible.



Whether you are a local artist or aficionado, PrairieSeen’s submissions allow you to join the dialogue and have your voice heard by Edmonton’s community of artists and art lovers. If you’re a fan of art in Edmonton, stop by and check out the work of PrairieSeen’s featured artists and writers.

La Thrift


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