The winter tie

FtpWSgLyX7Y6nHRa73O7gA4jYWohEl4mqlC1Ph-Kmjs[1]Model: Ghislain

Photographer: Alice Nguyen


Plaid wool scarf: Value Village

Ralph Lauren turtleneck: Goodwill


Scarves are so inexpensive at VV boutique or at GoodwillI that it makes it hard not to leave with a basket full of them.  I think that ever since I got into that whole thrifting thing I have reached some next level of hoarding. So much that if my manfriend wanted me to hook him up for a full month with a different look everyday I probably could take the challenge, too bad he’s not into thrifting.

La Thrift


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  1. meon lic · November 10, 2013

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