Fall for the cape.




Model: Dana

Photographer: Alyssa Ott


Cape: Value Village

Leggings: Goodwill

Silk shirt: I forget, cute boutique on 124st…


I used to wear my moms long coats as a kid and run around the house pretending to be a super hero, I was a special superhero because I was also wearing her heels while  on duty trying to save the world.  I think about that sometimes and cringe, slightly worried about what my future little ones will do to my wardrobe. Of course my sister and I would wait for our mother to be away before raiding her closet and travel into time. In that closet there was this one cape she had, it was my favourite one, it was soft and had fur at the collar. I would sometimes wrap myself in it and watch TV or use it as a crazy carpet on the floor and see how fast my sister could pull me while I was on it pretending to be flying in the sky. Such good times we had with that cape, such good times until she caught us… I don’t remember  the consequence she gave us but I swore I would get myself my very own cape when I would be all grown up and I might have told her that hers wasn’t that great anyways ( It’s all a blur…). Twenty years later I stumble upon this cape at the Value Village, I made it little child, I made it!

La Thrift



  1. charnellegardiner · October 29, 2013

    LOVE that cape. I really want one, they are really on trend this season. Please take a look and follow my style blog! charnellegeraldine.wordpress.com 🙂

    • thrifteuse · November 1, 2013

      Thanks! I will definitely explore your blog 🙂


  2. inconformistafashionista · October 29, 2013

    Love love loooove this look! The cape is to die for and you paired it perfectly! Love this post!

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