Your grandma called… she wants her sweater back.


Model: Linh Lu

Photographer: Alice Nguyen


Soft sweater with leather leaves ( hmmm leather…) : Value Village

Denim skirt: Fcuk (purchased way back when…actually bought it in 2006)


Linh Lu is wearing the softest, coolest, edgiest, sexiest old lady sweater ever seen on a fashion blog EVER! The sweater could be a multi functional garment that one could use as a soft pillow case, wear on a cold winter day or rock with a mini skirt on a chilly Autumn afternoon. Yes it has shoulder pads…but we’ve had that conversation before, you can sort it out 😉 and take them away or keep them on for a dramatic look, I don’t know your life!

La Thrift





  1. inconformistafashionista · October 25, 2013

    Looove this sweater!!

  2. extincshion · October 28, 2013

    *.* wow !!

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