I looked at it twice and twice again…


Model: Marwa

Photographer: Alyssa Ott


Bright neck shirt: Goodwill

Blazer: Marwa’s ( Forever 21)


This top reminds me of the northern lights, it’s like wearing an aurora borealis around your neck. Who needs jewelry when you have lights dancing on your chest ? No one! And props to Marwa for matching her lips to her blazer, everyone should do that! Also, remember that old lady  cheesy shirts with ridiculous shoulder pads transform into marvelous tops when worn with a blazer.

ps: I almost did not buy this shirt. Glad I did!

La Thrift



  1. hello scarlett · October 7, 2013

    great post!! amazing blog as well!

    i’d love to hear what you think fashion video today : http://helloscarlettblog.com/2013/10/07/hello-fashion-video/. it’s the first one on hello scarlett. 🙂

    see you around!!


  2. BeingZhenya · October 8, 2013

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