Epaulettes and pointy shoes.




Model: Andrea

Photographer: Alyssa Ott


Simon Chang shirt: Value Village $ 4.99

Shoes: Value Village $5.99

Pants: Zara


This blouse is the coolest thing I have seen in a long time so it was impossible to not commit and not walk out of  VV with it under my arm.  It has all these pretty sweet pleats on the side and in the front and has the most amazing epaulettes I have ever seen on a dress shirt. They don’t make for a busy overdone look, but rather give an edgy touch to the blouse.  The shoes, are the cheesiest cutest things ever, they are perfect for a photo shoot  I am not sure I have it in me to rock them in a real life social setting, but I will rock them, I have to!

La Thrift


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