Country chic.



Model: Ceileigh

Photographer: Julianna Damer


Blazer: Value Village  $4.99

Scarf: Value Village $1.99

Overalls: Value Village $8.99


Overalls are back ! I am pretty stocked, especially because the last time I rocked overalls was Fall-Winter 1993.  I was then exploring the many faces of  ” fashun”  through that one pair of overalls. You can rock the look backward, you can wear them with the left strap on,  the right strap on, both straps on, no straps at all.  Overalls also meant rewinding ” Jump” on your Walkman and wishing you could meet Mac Daddy and hold hands. Today, overalls are just a phase, another quick second in the fashion world. They are fun,make for a comfortable look, you might want to wear both straps on this time and pair them with a nice blazer, heels or chucks.  Those who wore them before will wear them once the hype is over. For those of us exploring it for the first time in our ” grown up” life, I would suggest not investing too much on overalls, chances are they won’t be your go to piece once Fall comes… or they might!

La Thrift


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