Maxi and boots


Model: Rachelle

Photographer: Alyssa Ott


Maxi skirt: Value Village $5.99

Sleeveless top: Value Village $ 4.99

Bandeau: Aritzia


I was on a VV ( short for Value Village) trip with my friend Ceileigh when we spotted a  few fantastic items. It was a great shopping day. The only problem  was that we have the same taste in everything, not an actual problem but it makes going out tricky when you end up wearing the same thing, or the same colour palette… Shopping sure was interesting because we kept spotting items that worked for both of us and that we both liked, the question was who takes what home? We decided it would make sens to share our purchases. I took most of the pieces for her to request them in the future… I think she forgot about them!!!!!! Luckily for me, she didn’t really care for the maxi and the sleeveless shirt. Even though it looks like the perfect ensemble, they surprisingly did not come together. I also wore the skirt as a dress with a belt, it worked perfectly.

ps: The girly look with combat boots is definitely something to try!

La Thrift


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