Buttons up!

DRn7-L542T9A1ghzzNkBQ-91WTHtwiJdiVUDO-kHRqMModel: Max

Photographer: Alyssa Ott


Scoth & Soda plaid shirt: Value Village $ 15.00 selling for $85.00 online

Blue denim:  Goodwill $ 6.00

Denim jacket: Max’s


This plaid button down is the most expensive shirt I have found so far on my many trips to VV boutique. I even thought they made a mistake, how could a shirt go for that price at a second hand store?  Before pointing out this obvious mistake I checked the tag inside the shirt and it was a Scotch & Soda tag ermm…right. Some Value Village price their items according to the actual retail price and to the visibility of certain brands. I was offended to have to purchase a shirt for that much at VV boutique but the shirt was super comfortable and the colours so rich and fun I had to go home with it.  A Scotch and Soda shirt for $15.00 is a deal. The only thing missing on this bright summery look would be a bow tie, blue or black, or yellow or orange. Whatever tickles your fancy really!

La Thrift


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