Money for days with this lbd.


Model: Laura

Photographer: Amanda Bladon

Little black dress: Goodwill $6.00

Belt: Costa Blanca

Shoes ( Laura’s) : John Fluevog

This dress you see is none but a long sweater dress, transformed into a sexy number, tighten at the waist by a thin belt. I tend to do that a lot lately, it’s easy and stays all day. There’s nothing wrong with long dresses, they’re just a little boring most of the time, but great sometimes. I could commit to one length but I won’t.

Other cool features about the lbd, those awesome golden buttons on the side and…wait for it…the shoulder pads! The thing with shoulder pads is that you never know when it’s cool to bust them, it’s the most unpredictable trend there is. All one has to do is to remove them and add Velcro , and they suddenly become optional. One night with, one day without. I love Velcro and belts.

La Thrift


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