Lacoste: Check.


Model: Mina

Photo: Julianna Damer


Hat: $3.99 Value Village

Lacoste winter coat: $10.00 Value Village


This is an awesome purchase I made a few months ago, a reversible Lacoste coat in perfect condition. The coat was to be sold at $20.00 but I was lucky enough to purchase it on a 50% off  day for only $10.00.  I remember when Lacoste was such a big deal ( sorry… I mean… it’s probably still a big deal somewhere), I had this fake Lacoste shirt, it was a peach one, the quality was horrible but it had the little gator and that  was all that mattered. Unlike Biggie Smalls I was not sewing alligators on my shirts, but if you wanted to see the inside I would definitely say ” hu, see you later”. Then I got older, bought some real ones, I must have made it, is this what success is all about?

La Thrift



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