”It’s a beautiful day”



Model: Monica

Photographer: Julianna Damer


Jacket: Value Village $ 6.99

Tank top: ( Monica’s)

Denim: Cheap Monday


It’s spring at last! Soon, no winter jacket will cover your beautiful outfits, or save you from your outfits you thought worked until you stepped out of the house… Spring, where the old gets thrown away and replaced. The perfect time to thrift, but also to get rid of some of your stuff and replace them with new treasures. Yes, we do buy things from others but it’s nice to return the favor and give away. Clear your closets of anything you did not wear in the last year ( I would say six months, but that just might be your seasonal pieces.) Do not keep pieces that don’t fit  anymore, chances are they will fit like a glove to someone else, it’s better that than to let that garment suffocate in your closet. If it’s stained or torn or has a whole in it, DO NOT send it to a thrift store, if you don’t want it they wont either. Get that plastic bag, fill it. Clustered closets create messy rooms and beds covered with clothes on Monday mornings.


La Thrift


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