Paisley for Chelsey





Model: Chelsey

Photographer: Julianna Damer


Blouse: Value Village $3.99

Leather skirt: Value Village $ 9.99

Faux fur vest: Costa Blanca

Leather tie: Made out of the bottom of the skirt


I was very excited to find this awesome leather skirt for the best price ever found for leather. The skirt was too long for anything exciting to happen so I looked for a piece of chalk, grabbed my super sharp scissors and did what I had to do. I have no professional training in sewing or anything but  my scissors are my best friend. I used the extra leather as a lady cravat or a really thick scarf.  On a previous VV trip I was so grateful to find that paisley blouse at such a low price, I’m not sure why anybody would want to get rid of such a beautiful print, but I’m glad that it’s mine now. I always had a thing for fur and leather, and the richness of the print makes for a fantastic look for under $30.00.


La Thrift


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