It’s all subjective; fashion.

la thrift1


Model: Matt

Photographer: Julianna Damer


Jacket: Value Village $9.99

Plaid cowboy shirt: Value Village $5.99

Boots: ( Matt found them in a thrift shop in California for $60.00)


Many years ago I worked in the beautiful world of retail. I would stand all day behind a counter looking mighty fine waiting for a customer to lock eye with one shiny item that would soon become his or hers. My job consisted of encouraging  people to develop ephemeral need towards stuff, expensive stuff. It was great. The challenge would come once in a while when I would have to deal with a lady shopping with her man FOR her man. I then realized how many men out there had no say  when it comes to shopping. It’s unbelievable the amount of crazy girlfriends out there who are convinced they are the third lost member of ” What not to wear.”  You see, nothing annoys me more than someone who  makes light statements about what’s in, what’s out and what’s the next big trend according to some glossy mag they read really quickly while standing in line at  a Shoppers Drug Mart… Girl! Let your man shop.

( This has nothing to do with thrifting…)

La Thrift


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