Fold and lace



tyJ57dPmB1vUbhUjVh16R_iuJuQyhNvC-cFppppuvzcModel: Ceileigh

Photographer: Julianna Damer


Dress: Value Village $11.99

Shoes ( Ceileigh’s) : Value Village


I don’t want to think about the day I will have to iron that dress. All I see is beauty, I shouldn’t ruin it by preparing myself to future complications. There are times when I don’t buy a piece because the idea of hand washing it , ironning or dry cleaning it turns me off competely. For some reason I didn’t feel that way with this dress, I just took her with all of her perfections and if ironning comes up we will deal with it, but for now she falls perfectly, and fits just right…for now.

La Thrift


One comment

  1. Malaika · January 31, 2013

    Love it , Love it , love it !!!

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