The blouse effect.


Model: Sandrine

Photographer: Julianna Damer


Blouse: Value Village $5.99

Blazer: Winners

Necklace: The Bay


I always wonder how much people care about what others think when it comes to fashun. When getting ready in the morning do you wear what you want or what others expect you to wear? Is there a huge pile of clothes on your bed every morning that results from trying an outfit and changing your mind over and over again? Do you miss the bus once or twice a week because you can’t make up your mind?

The blouse effect is when you stop thinking and you put on any pair of pants you have lying on the floor, while your mind goes blank as you’re putting on that blouse and buttoning it completely to finally grab your black blazer and leave your messy room. And as you’re leaving your room you wish you had given that blouse a chance in the first place. You will remember next time.

La Thrift


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