A before and after look for NYE!

That's how it looked like.

That’s how it looked like.


And this happened!

And this happened!

Model: Medgine

Photographer: Dara Armsden Riddell


Blazer and skirt ensemble: Value Village $12.00


This look! Super easy, I didn’t even have to use a sewing machine, because I don’t have the patience to sew and I have no skills in that department. All I needed was a belt. The skirt is pulled up and worn as a dress and the waist is taken in with a skinny belt et voila!

Originally all I wanted  was the lace blazer, but when I took  the blazer to the till I was told that it was not to be sold separately. Telling the cashier that I only was interested in the blazer did not change a thing. My only option was to purchase the two pieces and to donate the skirt back to them. The whole thing seemed too intricate for me so I kept everything.

Happy New Year!

La Thrift







  1. Malaika · December 30, 2012

    Oh I love It!

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