I need an outfit part 1


Model: Mariam

Photographer: Dara Armsden Riddell


Animal print blazer: Value Village $9.99

Skirt: Zara

Belt: Club Monaco


It’s that party time again and if you’re the busy kind you might have to attend  three or four holiday parties. Some really cool people have five or six to attend. One party? Good for you, that’s only one ensemble that you have to put together!  However, it’s always tricky when it comes to outfit making and decision taking of what to wear, when to wear it, and how to not wear something we recently wore, or make sure the people who saw you in your favorite lime green dress won’t be attending the same gathering that you were invited to…it’s stressful. You don’t want to spend a fortune, yet you want to look sharp, you don’t want to overdress but it sucks to be the frumpy looking one. My advice to you ” forget the limelight”. It’s just a party and if anything, the outfit you spent hours to put together might be the most uncomfortable outfit once it’s time to break it down on the dance floor  or you might even get a beautiful red wine stain on that white dress that was so expensive you had to make a transfer from your savings to your checking while waiting in line at the cash register… not worth it.  Hit the thrift store sometime this week, you might find something real sweet.

La Thrift


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