Model: Marie – Claude

Photographer: Dara Armsden Riddell


Faux fur coat ( it says North Face inside???): Value village  $40.00

Scarf: Gift

Denim shirt: Value village  $7.99

Boots: Gravity Pope


This week, there was this 50% off sale at all the Value village locations in the city. I started my shopping later than expected but told myself I would at least shop at two different locations.

I did the first one with my sister, found amaaazing things, it was more than successful, but I wanted more… So I linked up with Marie-Claude ( the model) and we checked out a VV close to us. My discoveries were so fantastic it was troubling. The lineup being way too long,  I did what I had to do, stood in front of a mirror and tried it all.  Layering on top of my clothes, all eyes on me not because I was trying stuff outside of a changing room but because my finds were so spectacular. An hour well spent ! Everything fits.

I go ahead and pay for it all. I then ask the lovely cashier to keep my purchases behind the counter for five minutes, I had to see what Marie Claude had found, and if it worked out well for her. Smiling intensely and refraining from running back to the cash register I’m back eight minutes later. Surprise! She gave my purchases to someone else by mistake, so some lucky lady out there thought it was buy one bag of clothes and get a full bag of pre-selected items for free day… Nice, nice, thanks! I hope you look amazing in them.

La Thrift


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