Real fur, faux fur, thrift fur.

Model: Natalie

Photographer: Dara Armsden


Fur vest: Value village $40.00

Tube dress: HG2

Plaid shirt: Juicy


I always find it easier to come home to my dogs when I purchase a jacket  made of synthetic fibers designed to look like fur or commonly known as  faux fur. They love it and play with it for hours.

When last year I purchased this rabbit fur jacket, I had to sneak it home so that Flash and Clifford ( my dogs) wouldn’t come across the evidence that i wear their friends to stay warm. It didn’t take too long for them to discover my vice but they actually were fine with it, turns out it’s okay if it’s thrift fur! hmmm?

They don’t mind it but still refuse to play with my rabbit fur vest. I understand…

La Thrift


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