Throw Back Thursday, or how to come back from a really long break…

1-final2 1-jacket

Model: Me

Blazer: Good will

Button up Shirt: Value Village

Shorts: Old pants

Shoes: Fornarina

Bag: Marc By Marc Jacobs

Swag: Maybe I was born with it…

Is it too late to make a comeback, Mase made one, actually several ones. Now Dr Dre is about to make us all feel super old… So coming back is a thing and that’s why I think I’m ready for a new blogging adventure. I stopped because I fell out of love with fashion and blogging. Every week when I was about to make a post, I would hear the echo of my past entries and they kept sounding similar no matter how different the outfits looked. I also lost interest in fashion, and told myself I would only wear greys and black and turtlenecks with boring flat shoes for the rest of my life because ” Who has time for fashion?” To that question, I was convinced that I certainly didn’t have time for that frivolous thing, that lie that is sold to millions every September. I came to the conclusion that fashion was a distraction and that the real issues didn’t need to be dressed up in fine prints and heels. My problem? I felt guilty. I was trying to distance myself from this simple thing that I loved so much but yet felt so uninvolved when you think about our current problems in the world. For me to sit down and talk about the aesthetics of an inexpensive get up when most of the world doesn’t have access to the essentials for survival seemed trivial. I do want to make a difference, and I do want to help and I do want to set an example for future generations, I think I can do all of that while still doing what I love most. The challenge is there, but one can be passionate about different things at the same time.
La Thrift

Red is the word


Model: Ceileigh C.

Photographer: Alice

Red blazer and oversize sweater: Value Village

Every year I rejoice to the sound of complaints from people at work and in my circle of friends, they can’t believe summer is over. They best believe it because this girl has been planning her fall outfits for quite some time. I had a blast riding my bicycle, eating Popsicles. Enjoying a night out under the sun too curious to know what we were going to do next that made it hard for him to rest. Summer is fun, but summer fun when it’s too hot kills the vibe really quickly. I have said it before, what makes me love Autumn so much is the endless possibilities when it comes to getting ready in the morning. Layering, juxtaposing, wrapping, all these things I long for. Sorry kids it’s Fall’s time to shine.

It’s so easy you did not even think it would work #style





Model: Kyle

Photographer: Alyssa Ott


Shirt: Goodwill

Levi’s: Value Village



Can we agree that putting on  a pair of pants and choosing the right shirt to go with it is not the hardest part of your day?

Maybe it’s waking up on time, making sure you have breakfast or at least a cup of whatever liquid your system needs , leaving early enough to board the right bus on time, or  get a parking spot, not get a ticket because you slept in and are now running late. It’s probably forgetting that you have a presentation that morning, not being able to find your keys, having to drop off some little human to daycare or making sure your furry friends went for their morning walk, topped up by the ever packing lunch or not dilemma. Good morning, morning!

Really, who cares if your pants don’t match your shirt because the chances that someone out there documents every single one of your outfits and has a secret fashion blog about your exquisite fashion sense are close to none my friend. Who cares right? Well…you obviously do because that time you spent in front of your closet this morning turning your room into complete chaos hating your life cause” I haz no clothes” completley fucked you over and will determine whether or not you will catch that bus on time. Maybe you should prepare your outfit of the day ( yes that’s what OOTD stands for )the day before, just sayin’.


La Thrift

Spring called…



Model: Mark Tang

Photographer: Alice Nguyen


Red sweater: Goodwill


Oh hello! Is that you Spring? Sorry I can’t hear you! It’s like you want to tell me something but I can’t hear you over winter’s BS  right now. Can you try again in a few days? I miss you too


La Thrift

The thrifter’s block


Model: Chantel

Photographer: Alyssa Ott


Satin dress: Goodwill

Fur jacket: Value Village

Shoes: Value Village


I haven’t been thrift shopping for  a couple of months now, I  feel really lazy and not as inspired to venture in the lands of chaos. So I have been shopping in real stores and it’s quite nice to have someone do the job of selecting and merchandising the clothes for you. I have come to appreciate  going in a boutique and finding a piece that is your actual size and that also falls into the current trend, and yes trend shopping is very risqué but is sure  neat to do from time to time. I guess what really motivates this short break from thrifting is the month of  February, the ultimate “Let us help you add to your already  cluttered wardrobe by slashing our prices before we get in all of our spring collections. So really were not doing that for you but because we need to get rid of all this Fall -Winter junk we were not able to sell, maybe it was overpriced, maybe  for a different market but hey if you like what’s left please take it all and help us make room.” I love February.

La Thrift

That coat I really want to swagger in.

DSC_0479 (1)

Model: Malaika

Sisley long coat: Goodwill


We are almost there, the end is near. Winter will soon leave and hibernation will be done. This gives me another two months to wear this beautiful Sisley coat or should I say to find a good occasion to wear it. I have a few of those ”waiting to make an appearance” pieces in my closet, they are just hanging there, hoping that today is the day I finally decide to show them off, present them to the world, my world. Truth is, I am not that important, and the occasions are getting more and more rare for me to display those super pieces and be validated by others for  my sharp sense of ahem I have been rocking the gray tank top , plain black blazer and black pants for the past month and quite frankly it fuckin works. It’s fast , quick, and efficient. Am I getting old and boring? Maybe, but this doesn’t change the fact that  I have two months until it’s too late to wear a long coat out.

La Thrift